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The  operating of the Quebec Circulaire platform was made possible with the support of our partners. To join our network of partners and contribute to Quebec Circulaire’s mission, contact-us.

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About CERIEC – Center for Intersectoral Studies and Research on the Circular Economy


Launched in September 2020, CERIEC’s mission is to contribute to the formation and deployment of the circular economy through a cutting-edge interdisciplinary scientific research program and initiatives involving training, dialogue, added value and transfer, with a view to maximizing benefits for economic stakeholders, governments and society as a whole. 

CERIEC’s goal is to become the preferred reference in terms of knowledge, skills and the creation of value in connection with the circular economy in Quebec.


Regarding the International resource and innovation centre for sustainable development (Centre International de Ressources et d’Innovation pour le Développement Durable - CIRIDD)


CIRIDD, is an association created in 2005 and recognized as being of general interest. It aims to contribute to the emergence of new models of society, more respectful of living beings in all their diversity, of future generations and of the planet. It's goal is to engage economic players, local authorities and networks in taking ownership and implementing collective change processes for sustainable development. Innovation and the right to experimentation are CIRIDD's spearheads for fostering dialogue, breaking down barriers, co-constructing solutions and engaging stakeholders. CIRIDD develops and runs collaborative platforms for the benefit of projects, positioning the association as a knowledge management structure with an international dimension.


Regarding the National circular economy institute (Institut National de l’Économie Circulaire - INEC)

Founded in 2013 by François-Michel Lambert, a member of parliament for Bouches-du-Rhône, the Institut national de l'économie circulaire is a national multi-stakeholder organization, a circle for thinking and acting, whose vocation is to promote circular economy. As part of a collaborative approach, it brings together and involves nearly 200 members composed of companies, local authorities, NGOs, universities, and qualified personalities (experts, researchers, parliamentarians, etc.). Its ambition is not only to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience between everyone involved but also to communicate on the circular economy in order to improve knowledge and understanding of it by as many people as possible.


Pôle de concertation québécois en économie circulaire (Quebec centre for consultation on circular economy)

The platform's choices are also defined with the members of the Pôle de concertation québécois en économie circulaire, and more particularly with its communication circle. 

Quebec Circulaire would like to highlight the work of the Synergie Québec network and the interdepartmental group on the circular economy (Groupe interministériel en économie circulaire - GIEC) that actively contribute to growing the platform's content. On a daily basis, the members of the Quebec Circulaire community are the ones who continuously fuel the platform by sharing their initiatives, ideas, events and publications.

Canadian Circular Economy Coalition

The Circular Economy Leadership Coalition - CELC is an NPO composed of business leaders, NGOs and sustainable development experts who believe that Canada has what it takes to become a world leader in the circular economy. How? By developing sustainable, prosperous, zero-waste and low-emission solutions.