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Québec Circulaire is one of the flagship measures of the Pôle québécois de concertation sur l’économie circulaire (Quebec Centre for consultation on circular economy), a voluntary grouping of leaders from various backgrounds to accelerate the transition to circular economy in Quebec. The platform’s mission is to bring together the variety of initiatives, tools and expertise that are currently dispersed and will be multiplying in the coming years. 

Although several projects have been carried out to identify initiatives related to circular economy, the information that emerges is often fragmented by types of strategies, regions, people involved and sectors of activity. For a real change in the economic model to take place, it seemed essential to create a convergence forum for the exchange of information. Québec Circulaire is therefore the first step in an evolving, collective project.



Understand what circular economy is, its strategies and impacts

Be on the lookout for news, events
and the progress of circular economy in Quebec


Find partners to jointly create innovative solutions

Exchange views on best practices in ones 
sector or region


Access the tools needed to move from concept to action

   Find training and help to facilitate the circularity process


The creation of the Québec Circulaire platform was made possible through the support of our founding partners. To join our network of partners and contribute to Québec Circulaire’s mission, Contact-us.

Main founding partner


Associated founding partners


Who is the platform for?

This new tool for knowledge sharing and networking is intended for everyone in society wanting to participate in implementing circular economy in Quebec. For more information:



Québec Circulaire joins the international circular economy network

In addition to bringing together Québec people involved in this transition, Québec Circulaire is part of an international network of platforms that facilitate access to initiatives and knowledge developed elsewhere in the world. 

Now with over 20,000 members, this network is also used to disseminate Québec best practices internationally. is an entry portal to this network of regional platforms, which is growing every year.

Find all the international content in the sections seen elsewhere on Québec Circulaire.